Today.. it goes like this

by Isa Rosso

Becki in the gumby suit.. with crab hands
Today, it's hard to stay awake. I kind of injured a finger while opening a niskin bottle, which snapped back. Ouch! Sometimes no matter how many coffees you drink.. they are never enough. We had a drill yesterday evening: at 8PM, right in the middle of the nightshift sleep time, the alarm rang. With my eyes still closed, I grabbed the gumby suit (Becki in the picture is kindly showing how you should wear the suit. Take note), put my boots on, and with my pj, I made my way to the 3rd deck. Definitely, mine was not an elegant path.. I bounced against walls, almost fell on the stairs and lost the gumby suit on the corridor floor. Few laughs of the crew watching. Ok ok.. but I did it, I made it to the muster station. 10 minutes there, almost falling asleep, and then I went back to my bed for another couple of hours of sleep.

Today, I'm living in the past. Internet in this part of the world is slooooooooooooow. I want to search something on the internet: I stare at the screen of my phone loading the page.. loading.. loading… 10 minutes later: still loading. I give up. Whatsapp still works (almost) fine, except.. sometimes there's something like 2 hours delay between messages. I chat on Whatsapp with my friend Jennie, who's in the baltic room: at breakfast (7:30AM), I'm replying to the messages she sent at 5AM O.o 

Jennie recovering the CTD rosette in the baltic room

Today, I am confused. I cannot pinpoint exactly when one thing happened.. was it yesterday? last week? …or 1 hour ago?! I lose track of the time, days mix with each other in a very bizarre way. Sometimes it feels I've been on the boat for the last 2 years.. or was it yesterday when we left Sydney? 

Fortunately, there are rainbows… ;-)


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