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by Isa Rosso

We had quite a week.

After spending some of the calmest days at sea I have ever experienced, and keeping a tough rhythm with the casts and sampling, last thursday (ship time) we had to interrupt the CTD operations. A storm, which wrapped around New Zealand, kindly threw some strong wind and big waves to us (see figure below). We had wind gusts up to 50-60 kn and wave height up to 6-8 m, just big enough to make the CTD deployment and cast impossible. 

Wave height and direction forecast. The star is approximately where we were.

Every few hours Jennie Mowatt (our super Marine Technician) and I assessed the ocean conditions either from the baltic room (where the CTD is deployed from) or outside on the back deck. Looking in the darkness of the night was actually pretty terrifying, given the restricted vision of the size and direction of the waves O.o The pitch black sky was interrupted only by a few stars and a very bright half moon.. pretty nice!! The wind was strong, and the oce…

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