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Research cruise Q&A

by Sherry Chou Aloha! I am a graduate student in physical oceanography at the University of Hawaii. I usually study what happens to the energy of waves caused by tides and underwater topography (using computer simulations), but right now I am out in the middle of the Southern Pacific Ocean, studying the sea up close and personal (yay)! Lots of my friends and family are very envious (naturally), and have asked me many questions. It's a special privilege to be a part of a science cruise, and maybe you're also wondering what it's like, whether you'd like to try it? Here are some commonly asked questions and my personal answers: "Cruise? Like a pleasure cruise? _I've never been on a pleasure cruise, but I think a research cruise is a *little* different.. For one, there is not as many people. Secondly, we are expected to work, everyday, up to 12 hours a day. We also don't have a pool or jacuzzi (my only regret). But we do get fed (4 meals a day), have a gym, sau

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